How to draw the attention of Jesus with the faith of The Centurion

The Centurion

Luke Chapter 7 verse 1-10 tells an interesting story.
It talks about the encounter of Jesus with The Centurion, the elders of the Jews and The Centurion’s sick servant. In the story, the Centurion made a lasting impression on Jesus such that Jesus was astonished at him and went on to declare that “I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel” (verse 9).

Astonishing Faith is the kind of faith that amazes Jesus, a faith that surprises Jesus, the faith that dazzles Jesus, a faith that causes Jesus to marvel and the faith that overwhelms Jesus. The astonishing faith of the Centurion made Jesus release an instant miracle of healing into the life of The Centurion’s servant. To draw the attention of Jesus and receive an instant miracle from Him, six key things must be in place to activate astonishing faith.

1st key of activation
In verse 3, the elders of the Jews went to plead with Jesus to come and heal The Centurion’s servant. These elders formed the intercessors interceding and speaking to Jesus on behalf of The Centurion.  Intercession is a prayer to God on behalf of another person and the elders presented to Jesus a case for and an argument in support of the healing of The Centurion’s servant. Jesus was astonished when the elders of the Jews begged him earnestly to come and heal The Centurion’s servant.

2nd key of activation
Verse 5 which says “for He loves our nation, and has built us a synagogue” describes the attitude of The Centurion to Gods nation, God’s people and the things of God. God’s nation is his church which he describes as His body jointly fitted together.
Having a right attitude to the church, his people and his things usually impresses Jesus. Apostle Paul said everything I do, I do for the sake of the gospel.  If your motivation is the gospel, if your driving force is the church, if your passion is the people and the things of God, just like The Centurion you will astonish Jesus.

3rd key of activation
Verse 6-7 reveals the spirit of The Centurion. He carries a humble spirit. He kept saying “I do not even think myself worthy to come to you. I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof”. Humility opens the door to greatness while pride opens the door to the valley.
The bible makes us to understand that whoever humbles himself will be exalted but whosoever exalts himself will be humbled. Humility lifts you up to the mountain top and the humility of The Centurion astonished Jesus.

4th key of activation
The second part of verse 7 says “speak the word and my servant will be healed”.
A deep conviction and belief in the spoken word of God activates astonishing faith. The centurion told Jesus “don’t bother coming, just speak the word”. His belief was in the spoken word of God because just like Abraham, The Centurion was fully convinced that God had the power to bring to pass that which had been promised.

5th key of activation
Verse 8 makes it clear that The Centurion is a submissive person. Even though he is a man of position and authority with soldiers and servants under him, The Centurion recognises the greater authority and position of Jesus and he is ready to submit to someone else whose authority and position is higher than his. The readiness to humble oneself and submit astonishes Jesus.

6th key of activation
The first part of verse 9 says “when Jesus heard these things he was astonished at him”. Jesus heard 3 things about The Centurion. Jesus heard that the centurion loves God’s nation and has built them a synagogue. When the centurion spoke to Jesus, Jesus heard the voice of humility and the voice of submission.
What Jesus heard astonished him and in the further part of verse 9 Jesus said to the crowd following Him “I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel”.

The outcome of astonishing faith
In the last verse, verse 10 we see that when astonishing faith is activated, the result is an instant miracle. The bible says the servant was healed at that same hour. The astonishing faith of The Centurion activated an instant miracle of healing in the life of The Centurion’s servant.

Just like the days of old The Great Physician; Jesus Christ still passes by but you will have to  draw his attention to your situation.

Prayers on Faith

  • O lord; increase my faith
  • The fear of uncertainty that is damaging my faith, be bound with chains of fire
  • With the shield of faith I enter into my prophetic destiny

Prayers on the spoken word of God

  • My father! My father! My father! Speak your word of solution into my situation
  • The power behind the spoken word of God activate a miracle in my life

Prayers on Healing

  • Every knee of infirmity in my life; bow to the name of Jesus
  • Every evil spirit hindering my perfect healing,; fall down and die
  • Every discomfort in my life; dry up by fire
  • The spirit of hardship in my life; lose your hold and die

Prayers to move the hand of God

  • The dark power swallowing my divine opportunities; fall to the ground and die
  • The wicked power prolonging my journey to breakthrough; be paralysed y fire
  • Slippery blessings that are here today and gone tomorrow; I reject you by the blood of Jesus
  • The agents of demotion in my life be shaken off by thunder
  • The foundational power determined to turn my life upside down be arrested by fire
  • The demonic authority over my life be lifted by the hand of God
  • The power determined to move me out of God’s destiny be destroyed by thunder
  • Every  gate and everlasting door that is resisting my divine visitation, collapse by thunder
  • The power that wants me to miss my season of divine blessing; fail woefully by fire
  • Divine possibility be ignited in my life by fire
  • I connect to the anointing of glory and honour
  • The high calling of God; be activated upon my life


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