Unveiled: The Woman that God wants

The power of female networking
It’s always a good feeling when women get together for the right purpose. Carnal gatherings to backbite and gossip are one of the major things keeping women down, tearing them apart and preventing them from being fulfilled. At the first quarterly women’s fellowship it was a spiritual gathering to edify, to challenge and to build up the women. With a full house of 69 in total listening and learning tips on The Woman That God Wants, we discovered The Woman of the King is the one who is ready to take off her veil.

The veiled woman

The veil is a covering we put on when we don’t want people to see and know who we are.
It is the mask of illusion that covers up the reality within. The veil is a front, the veil is an act and the veiled woman is a performing actress. Many women have various veils they put on for their award-winning performances.

Listening and learning at women’s fellowship, we discovered that the Almighty God when it comes to his women is simply looking for a woman who is ready to take off her veil of hypocrisy. The woman of the King is the one who is ready to take off the hindering weights of her life,is ready to be honest with herself and will come to God just as she is.

Taking the veil off
To take the veil off, The woman that God wants needs the grace to accept herself as imperfect with flaws and personal short comings. After receiving this grace, she will then have the strength and the courage to take off the veil. It is at the point of self acceptance that the Almighty God will accept her because he can see her face.

The brides of Christ
After a spiritual encounter, The woman that God wants is given a different veil by the Almighty God. To make her a bride of Christ, she is given a covering of devoted worship and a garment of sacrifice and dedication. She is then transformed by his transforming power  into a woman who fears, respects and honours God.

The Woman That God Wants
With Godly character she is beautiful from within and with liberty and freedom she is attractive from the outside. With such qualities, which man wouldn’t want her?


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