When your life is in the horrible pit of the enemy.

Scripture: Job 33:28-30  Psalm 40:2-3  Genesis 37:18-20

Under the anointing and authority of the Assistant General Overseer; Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan the message of the April Power Must Change Hands Programme examined life inside the pit prison.

Joseph was a man with dreams, but the spirit of envy and jealousy rose up against him and he was thrown into the horrible pit of the enemy and left there to die. Every child of God must be aware that a soul can be captured and put into the pit. If there is no deliverance from the pit a life will become stagnant and such a life will lack the wonder-working power of God.

Joseph’s coat of many colours was the symbol of his colourful destiny and the evidence of the agenda of God for his life. Joseph was a man filled with dreams and if like Joseph you have dreams, if like Joseph you have  a desire to go higher, if like Joseph you have plans the enemy will definitely declare war against you.

A pit is a dangerous place to fall into, if anyone falls into  a pit they will be injured and without rescue they will die. Inside the pit visions are locked up, callings are aborted, gifts are caged, destinies are fragmented, resources are suppressed and life remains at a standstill.

14 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are in the horrible pit of the enemy

  1. Do good things last in your hands?
  2. Do you notice coldness around you?
  3. Are things slow in your life?
  4. Is your spiritual life up and down?
  5. Have you been told you will never make it?
  6. Does fear grip your heart?
  7. Do you experience strange feelings over your body?
  8. Do you hear strange voices?
  9. Do you obey strange commands?
  10. Are you harassed by people close to you?
  11. Are you disappointed by people you trust?
  12. Is your marriage at the edge of collapse?
  13. Have you helped somebody who later disappointed you?
  14. Is there plenty of poverty around you?

The bible promise for God’s children is that they are to move from glory to glory. Moving from glory to glory means you are expanding and that  you are changing. Stagnation is the mother of frustration. A stagnant life is an unattractive and isolated life. Stagnation is when there is no progress, there is no growth, there is lack of information, , there is no strategy and there is no revelation. When you discover there are no new ideas to do what you are to do and no fresh anointing to take you to the next level, it is  a sign that you are in the horrible pit of the enemy.

How to get out of the horrible pit of the enemy
Aggressive spiritual warfare through fire prayers has always been the master-key to freedom.
The following prayers  by the AGO when combined with faith is certain to pull any caged life out of the pit.

20 Fire Prayers to take your life out of the horrible pit of the enemy.

  • Satanic darkness around my glory. Scatter by fire
  • God of Elijah arise and change the rules to favour me
  • My Glory (x3) arise by fire
  • Every pit prison holding me captive catch fire
  • Every evil gathering holding an evil meeting against my life thunder of God scatter them
  • The evil power of my father’s house saying we shall see what will become of my dreams I command you to be slayed
  • Every power that is angry because I am manifesting fall down and die
  • The battle against my dreams be frustrated by fire
  • The arrow sent against me, backfire  by fire
  • Every enemy from the same womb with me that is out to destroy me, receive disgrace by fire
  • My captured progress be released by fire
  • O God arise and break every chain of wickedness in my life
  • The instrument of death fashioned against me die
  • Every evil gathering against my progress, your time is up scatter
  • Every knee of ridicule and embarrassment waiting to laugh at me bow to the blood of Jesus
  • The demon of stagnation in my life fall to the ground and die
  • The spirit of hinderance assigned against my manifestation somersault and die
  • The power that wants to rubbish my anointing collapse and die
  • The enemy that has wounded my spirit fall down and die
  • I will reign as a king over my circumstance in Jesus name

All good wishes as you get out of the valley and arrive at the mountain top.





One thought on “When your life is in the horrible pit of the enemy.

  1. in fact, pastor you have hit the nail on head. May almighty God bless you the more. Please sir pray for me that my pastoral ambition should not be overthrow by my household wickedness. I pray that fire of revival shall fall on MFM IJN.

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