Do you still remember the sermon on Sunday?

The word of life spoken through Pastor Kehinde Olajide at sunday service looked at when the agenda of satan replaces the agenda of God in the life of  a man.

Text: Job 1:1-22
Other scriptures: 1 Kings 11: 1-2, Isaiah 1: 19-20

5 Points to note about Destiny


  1. Destiny is the agenda of God for the life of every man. It signifies the divine road map put together by God for a man’s life to follow
  2. Two agendas follow the life of every man. The agenda of light and darkness or the agenda of good and evil
  3. Every great person should be ready to fight great battles
  4. Every one with a shining star is in trouble because the glory of their star will attract enemies
  5. Every one should be ready to fight the battle that will disallow the agenda of satan from replacing the agenda of God for their lives.

6 Key facts about Job

biblical Job

  1. His household was great
  2. He was perfect
  3. He had the fear of God
  4. He was holy
  5. He was righteous

The agenda of God for Job

  1. To bless him
  2. To prosper him
  3. To make a boast of him
  4. To make him great
  5. To make him a model of perfection

The agenda of satan for Job

  1. To make his fruitful home become barren
  2. To take away his health by afflicting him
  3. To take away his friends
  4. To attack his mind
  5. To deceive him by sending fire from the sky so that Job would think his calamity was an act of God

The difference between the agenda of God and the agenda of satan

God and Satan

  1. The agenda of God begs: The bible tells us to ask , seek and knock
  2. The agenda of satan forces: The bible tells us that satan came to steal, kill and destroy

Why does satan substitute God’s agenda with his own?

  1. He has lost all the privileges and rights he once had so he is bitterly jealous and envious of anyone who is enjoying the privileges and rights he has lost
  2. To destroy and to finish because he has nothing left himself
  3. He can’t stand the success of others because he is a failure himself
  4. He does not want anyone to enjoy peace and prosperity

What can be done to prevent the substitution of the agenda of God for our lives with that of Satan?

  • By praying without ceasing: Prayer is the answer key to divine solution

Fire prayers to secure your destiny in the agenda of Godfire prayer

  • Any power that wants to replace the agenda of God for my life die
  • Every agenda of darkness for my life fail woefully
  • Every agenda that is not of God in my life scatter
  • Every agenda of suffering in my destiny I command you to perish
  • Fire of God swallow the coffin of poverty in my life
  • Every arrow of back to square 1 targeting my destiny backfire
  • Every power that wants to turn me into a shadow of myself i bury you with the blood of Jesus
  • Every messenger of bad news assigned against me fall down and die
  • Every agenda of darkness for my children die and scatter
  • Every calamity from above miss me by fire

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