The glory of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem

On Palm Sunday, we examine the power and the glory in the entrance and the presence of Jesus Christ.

Text: Luke 19:29-31

In the bible story, Jesus sent 2 disciples to go into a village where they would find a colt tied which no one has ever ridden before. He asked them to untie the colt and bring it to him. He told them if anyone asks why you are doing this,tell them the Lord has need of it.

The words Jesus Christ speaks are spirit and life. They do not come back void, but rather they accomplish that which they were sent to accomplish. Let’s take a look at what the word accomplished on Palm Sunday.

What the tied colt representsthe tied colt
Luke 19:30
says “you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden”. A colt tied down and never ridden before has a spiritual meaning.
It signifies:

  • Untapped Potentials
  • Unexplored Territories
  • Buried Gifts
  • Unused Talents
  • A destiny held captive
  • A life in bondage
  • Undiscovered Areas
  • Ignorance of one’s self-worth and identity
  • Hidden Skills
  • The covering of one’s glory

The Triumphant entry of the messiah
When Jesus entered into the life of the tied colt, he instructed the disciples by saying “untie it and bring it to me”. The command of Jesus untie the colt ushered in a new and glorious beginning. By telling the disciples to respond to anyone opposing the untying of the colt with “the lord has need for it”, the plan of Jesus for the untied colt was to ride into Jerusalem in full glory with it.

What the untied colt representsuntied colt
Luke 19:30 says “untie it and bring it here”. After being untied, the first assignment of the colt was to take the Messiah into Jerusalem.The untied colt has a spiritual meaning. It signifies:

  • Moving from irrelevance into relevance
  • Moving from glory to glory unto bigger and better things
  • Freedom and liberty from captivity
  • A destiny filled with glory
  • Moving from shame into glory
  • A destiny fulfilled

The ordinary colt that no one reckoned with or took notice of eventually became extraordinary. When we tell the story of the triumphant entry, no one ever forgets to mention the colt. It is without doubt, one of the famous animals in the bible.


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