The saddest thing to happen to a man

sad man

Any one determined to find and fit into their place in life will usually have to face challenges, victories, opposition, laughter, fears, tears and much more. Having the understanding that life is a battle prepares the mind of believers for that which is ahead. The bible made this perfectly clear when it said in Matthew 11:12 “from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.

Life is a Battle
In the battle of life, no one can be neutral and no one is exempt. When the battles of life come it is either you fight and overcome or you fight and loose. The battles of life can be divided into 2 main categories; the battles you started and the battles you did not start.

The battles you started are those problems which you created for yourself, problems which you invited into your life, problems which you dragged into your life. Problems from battles in this category include the effects of wrong use of the mouth, the consequences of unprofitable associations with the wrong crowd, the outcome of pre marital sex etc. Since these problems were self manufactured and self-made, they can usually be stopped and corrected by its creator.

The battles you did not start are deeper battles that originate without your knowledge, without your involvement and could have been in existence before you were born. Without spiritual knowledge and strength to confront and conquer, problems originating from battles in this category have the power to lead a person into frustration.

How to solve a problem spiritually
Before a problem can be solved, 8 things must  perfectly clear to the person facing the problem.

  1. What is the reason of the problem – Ask yourself what is the aim of the problem
  2. What exactly is the problem – You must diagnose what is wrong, how long it has been wrong, when and where things began to go wrong
  3. Where did the problem come from – Ask yourself what is its source. Is it through a dream, family members or friends
  4. How did the problem start –  You must trace its beginning by recollecting the things you noticed
  5. Who engineered the problem – Ask yourself  who is the architect and sponsor
  6. How deeply rooted is the problem – If your problem is deep and you are not deep spiritually, the problem will waste you
  7. How can it be solved – Examine the way out and the options available
  8. Do you really want freedom from the problem – Or would you rather hold on to the problem because you enjoy the sympathy of people?

The saddest thing to happen to a man
Discovering  that you are in a situation which you did not create is one of the saddest things to happen to a man.The realisation that it is not your fault but you are in it is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to a man. In the tragedy of Gehazi originating from his greed and dishonesty, Elisha in 2 Kings 5:27 pronounced a curse on Gehazi  and his descendants “Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and to your descendants forever.” The result of the battle Gehazi started escalated into a deeper battle for his descendants. A family tragedy indeed because his descendants had nothing to do with his actions but they have become partakers of the family curse.

The way outspiritual warfare
Lamentations 5:7 says “Our fathers sinned and are no more, and we bear their punishment”. Anyone suffering from battles they did not start have to fight themselves out of it. It is recommended that you do research into your family line and your background. The results gathered will point you in the right direction and equip you with the necessary spiritual knowledge to wage a successful warfare.

  1. Confess the sins of your ancestors
  2. Confess your personal sins
  3. Repent completely
  4. Confront your battle with knowledge
  5. Engage in warfare prayers
  6. Command the battle to cease completely.

Even though life is a battle, the believer has Jesus Christ as the Commander-in-Chief. When we go into battle with Jesus Christ, victory is guaranteed and the believer is not the casualty.

Fire Prayers guaranteed to display you as a trophy of victory

  • Every satanic agreement over my life receive thunder and scatter
  • Every stubborn problem in my life that is saying where is my God your time is up
  • O God arise and confuse the language of my enemies
  • Destiny arresters release my destiny
  • My hidden glory come out in Jesus name
  • Every mountain resisting my command and my authority be levelled by the blood of Jesus
  • The battle I did not start that want to kill me receive the blood of Jesus
  • The battle I know nothing about that wants to waste me I challenge you with the fire of God
  • The Lord God of Elijah arise and scatter my battles
  • The battle that started in my dream receive the blood of Jesus
  • Every satanic battle harassing my destiny receive thunder and scatter
  • The satanic bondage in my life break by fire
  • Altars of affliction erected for my sake catch fire and burn to ashes
  • Every evil river flowing in my family line dry up by fire
  • I receive back all my lost opportunities by fire
  • Every problem facing me be defeated by fire

Adapted from the message delivered at the monthly Power Must Change Hands Programme by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan the Assistant General Overseer of MFM worldwide on 7th May 2011.


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