24 Deliverance Fire Prayers prayed at the 1st MFM UK Womens Deliverance Programme

fire prayersA prayer rain of prayers took place during the prayer session led by MFM pastors at the Excel venue in London on the 14th of May 2011. We have put together the 24 prayer points released during the 12 sessional prayers.

Prayers against witchcraft and familiar spirits

  • Every power of witchcraft behind my struggle, die
  • Thou power of familiar spirit holding me down, release me by fire

Prayers for marital breakthrough

  • Every war against my marital breakthrough, die
  • My marital breakthrough appear by fire

Prayers against spirit husbands

  • Any family idol masquerading as my spirit husband, your time is up die
  • Prison of the spirit husband designed to cage my marriage hear the word of the Lord, let me go

Prayers for prosperity and business breakthrough

  • Any power on assignment to bury my prosperity be wasted
  • The rain of prosperity fall upon me

Prayers for dissolving divorce

  • Any power assigned against my marriage your time is up die
  • Every arrow of marriage destruction fired into my marriage catch fire and burn to ashes

Prayers against dream criminals

  • Every dream criminal that has ever stolen from me in my dream your time is up die
  • Every bondage and affliction introduced into my life expire by fire

fire prayer

I shall weep no more

  • Every enemy of my joy I command you to expire
  • O God accelerate my joy

Dealing with difficult children

  • Every power that has vowed to destroy my children what are you living for? destroy yourself
  • Spirit of the last days release my children and die

Dealing with spirit husbands

  • Every spiritual husband attached to my life die
  • Every family spirit husband assigned against my life your time is up die

Prayers against marital strife and disunity

  • Every strife, every disunity, every battle in my marriage your time is up die
  • God of solution appear in my marriage

Prayer against unfriendly in-laws

  • Where is the lord God of Elijah. My case is urgent. Arise and break every grip of unfriendly in-laws upon my marriage
  • Any unfriendly in-law acting as a satanic managing director managing the affairs of my home havent you done enough? I sack you now  in Jesus name

Prayers for healing and deliverance

  • Blood of Jesus heal me and make me whole
  • Any family bondage upon my health break by fire

There is solution in prayer, so keep praying and don’t stop.  The 2012 women’s deliverance programme of MFM UK will take place on Saturday, 26th May 2012 from 9am at Excel in London. See you there.


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