The Mystery of Opportunity: Esau sold his birthright while Joseph ruled over the palace that once imprisoned him

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Talking About Esau

Just because of his indifference to the requirements of divine blessings,  Esau is called in Scripture “a profane person.”

He represents those who lightly value the redemption purchased for them by Christ, and are ready to sacrifice their heirship to heaven for the perishable things of earth.

Multitudes live for the present, with no thought or care for the future. Like Esau they cry, “Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die.” 1 Cor 15:32

Speaking of Joseph

The marked prosperity which attended everything placed under Joseph’s care was not the result of a direct miracle; but his industry, care, and energy were crowned with divine blessing.

Joseph attributed his success to the favour of God, and even Pharaoh accepted this as the secret of his unparalleled prosperity.

Without steadfast, well-directed effort success could never have been attained.

Contributed by Pastor Ladi Adebayo one of the Pastors at MFM Milton Keynes Branch


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