8 Wardrobe Essentials for The Christian Woman

Our God is a God of beauty who created many beautiful things as such, the Christian Woman needs to look good for her Father in Heaven.

Looking good for God does not mean spending huge amounts of money, rather it means being presentable, smart, honourable, respectable, modest and neat.

Here are 8 essentials The Christian Woman should  have in her wardrobe.

  1. A good Hat

    It’s traditional to wear a hat to church. Some Christian women wear a hat to church every Sunday while others do so every now and again. What ever the frequency, its  an indispensable addition. Hats come in various colours so mix and match with your outfits.
  2. A durable beret

The beauty of the beret is not only because it comes in a variety of colours, but because you can shape it and wear it on your head in various creative ways.

3.  A ladies wrist watch

A good quality fashionable wrist watch will not only last a long time, it will also add value to your dressing. Wrist watches are very good accessories that complement the Christian Woman’s dressing.

4.  An elegant pair of shoes

Elegant shoes add to the Christian Woman’s femininity while contributing to her good posture as she carries herself.

5.  A stylish clutch bag

Clutch bags are very stylish and should only contain a few essentials because if they are too bulky they tend to lose their shape and style.

6.  A good-sized shoulder bag
Depending on the amount of stuff you like to carry, there are sizes available that can fit your bible, sermon notebook, camera, Ipad, Iphone, mobile phone and other items you take to church.

7.   Scarves

An all time favourite, you can create your own style with as many colours and textures available.

8. The coordinated outfit

This is very appropriate as it presents a complete look from head to toe.

The clothes, hat, clutch bag and shoes match making it very presentable, elegant and stylish.

Have we missed something? What else should The Christian Woman have as a wardrobe essential?

Make a comment and add it to the list.

Pictures from  Jacques Vert

Pictures from Korean Fashion Online

Pictures from Google Images


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