Wardrobe Essentials for The Christian Man

As men have the responsibility of being the spiritual head and leader, we take a look at how the Christian Man can honour God with his dressing and draw respect for himself.

Below are smart looks the Christian Man can adopt and essentials to add to his wardrobe.

1. Dressing to Church on Sunday

Whether you are a minister or a member of the congregation, it’s quite important to appear presentable at Sunday service. Above is a clean, neat and sharp look which you can easily put together.

2. Dressing to Church for weekday services

For weekday services, you can adopt the semi-formal look. If you however decide to go casual, ensure its appropriate for the service type, weather and congregation present.

3. Dressing to church for Programmes
Most churches organise programmes either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Your choice of dressing for these programes will depend on factors such as weather, comfort, the type of congregation, dress code etc.  We have opted for the traditional African look and below is the Kaftan.

Some Wardrobe Essentials for The Christian Man

1.  Good quality shoes
Add a finishing touch to your outfits with good quality shoes.

2. Wrist watch
Whatever your preference be it a leather strap or a metal strap, wrist watches will not only tell the time they also act as accessories to complement your dressing.

3.  Accessories such as ties, socks, a carrier  bag, cuff links and a hat for the weather conditions
Every man’s dressing will be incomplete without ties, socks and cuff links. They are all available in different textures and  colours so you can mix and match with your outfits.

It’s also a good idea to have  a bag to carry with you to church so it can fit your bible, sermon notebooks, ipad and other stuff you carry to church.

Hats come in different shapes and fabrics depending on the weather and they also make good accessories while keeping your head warm in winter or shaded from the sun in the summer.



4.  Sweaters, Jumpers, coats and jackets
Weather permitting, you can keep warm with  jumpers and sweaters. They come in different colours and vary in terms of thickness so you can choose which to wear depending on the degree of coldness.

Coats and jackets are also appropriate for the rainy days and the colder months of the year.


5.  Casual wear
This includes denim trousers, denim shirts etc. Before opting to wear denim to church though always make sure it goes with the service and congregation present.

So how does your man dress to Church? As your crowning glory, the Christian wife should take an interest in her husbands wardrobe.

Always remember you don’t have to spend lots of money to make him neat and presentable. If he looks good, you are on your way to becoming  a virtuous woman who clothes her household with scarlet.

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