3 Ways to build a Dynamic and Excellent Church

From my notes taken at a recent zonal Church Workers, Pastors and Ministers conference organised by the Regional Overseer of Region 2 MFM UKPastor Banjo Oluwadare,  I am delighted to share with all co-labourers in the Lord’s vine yard three recommended steps  to building a church that’s part of the body of Christ.

 #1  In Ministry there is no true success without a Vision. Prov 29:18

A vision is a divinely initiated purpose that comes from God to your heart. It is a clear mental image of the future imparted by God. God plants visions in the minds of believers for specific purposes. A vision is also the agenda God gives to you as he stirs up your spirit. A great or good leader is one who is able to translate a vision into a reality.

The difference between Ambition and Vision

Ambition is what you want to do while vision is what God wants you to do.
Ambition can clash with vision but ambition must be sacrificed for vision because it is better for God’s will to prevail.

5 Facts about God’s vision

  • It requires change
  • It redefines success – Paul’s vision of God redefined his opinion of success. He eventually let go of all things for the sake of the gospel
  • It is not usually comfortable. You have to adjust to fit into it
  • It brings a sense of fulfilment
  • God’s vision out lives the visionary

How to know God’s vision for your life

God’s vision for your life is an insight into the purpose of your existence. Everyone needs to find out God’s plan and purpose for their lives and fulfil it.

  • Understand that the blue print of your life Is in the hand of God
  • Regular and constant waiting on the Lord
  • When you receive it, write the vision down
  • Read it to yourself and determine in your heart to run with it
  • Set goals for yourself inline with the vision
  • Evaluate the vision regularly
  • Never reveal the vision to vision killers. Look for spiritual mentors who will lead, guide, direct and help the vision to come to pass

 #2  If the Church is the body of Christ, why does it act so disjointed?

Dynamic and excellent churches use the wisdom of God to do things effectively. To run a church, delegation strategies must be put in place. Delegation is the process of getting things done through other people. It is transferring the responsibility of tasks to other people.

10 Reasons why a leader should delegate

  • It is biblical
  • It enables the leader to concentrate on key areas of the ministry
  • Nobody is designed to do everything at the same time
  • It releases the potentials of future leaders
  • It gives others a feel of what the leader is going through
  • It provides a successor at every level of leadership
  • It releases the leader to rise to higher levels
  • It prevents stress and burnout
  • Delegation helps to multiply time and accomplish tasks faster
  • It gets others involved in decision-making

How to Delegate

The two major requirements to consider before delegating tasks are trust and loyalty. Since we are delegating to human beings, we need the wisdom of God to teach us how to understand, relate and manage human nature as well as human character. Ensure you study and pray about people before putting them in positions. This will prevent placing wrong people in the wrong place, as some posts are not for some people. It will also prevent headaches in ministry. Remember to always ask  for and use the wisdom of God to foresee things in ministry.

  • Plan: Write down the assignment to be delegated. Look for the area where you are strong and take it
  • Pray: Delegate prayerfully
  • Train: Equip and empower them with the skills needed for the task
  • Motivate: To boost morale and lift their spirits
  • Evaluate: Review the work committed in their hands

If we fail to delegate because we are insecure, threatened, jealous and envious of the gifts and talents of others; we risk stress and burnout, no progress and the death of the potentials and gifts of others. All leaders must recognise that the wisdom of God and prayer will always show them the way and get them out of trouble and tight situations in ministry.

#3  Our Product is the Gospel. How does your Church package and present it?

The 4P’s of marketing can be adapted to the church.

  1. Product: What? The Gospel
  2. Place: Where? The Church
  3. Price: How? The gospel is not cheap it cost God his only Son
  4. Promotion: Methods and Strategies for adequately presenting the gospel and the church

To effectively market the church, everything must be taken into consideration because the church is the people and the people are the church. For instance, ensure the church environment is clean, neat and tidy. Make sure the quality of your teaching; preaching and messages are of good standard and of high impact. Put in place strategies that will make newcomers feel welcomed and absorbed into the church.

Pay attention to the children’s church by making sure the age groups represented are taught good quality structured lessons with aids and resources and that the children are well cared for. Also create space for nursing mothers and a play area for the children. If these are in place, families will be encouraged to stay.

Be relevant to your community by getting involved in community outreach programmes and community visitations. Make it easy for people to find the venue of your church by having a functioning website which is updated with relevant information and leading to the appropriate links.

External promotions such as leaflets, flyers etc should be free of spelling mistakes, errors and clear enough to be read and understood by the audience receiving it. The evangelism team should also be consumed with compassion, as compassion is the most effective strategy for winning new souls and adding to the church.

On a Final Note
To succeed in Ministry always remember one major point which many overlook , neglect or ignore. The church is the body of Christ and not your personal empire! 


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