Why you should be properly positioned to Arise and Shine – Part 2

Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan continued his exposition on Positioning for Arising and Shining at the November Power Must Change Hands Programme. Explaining the significance of the message he said, “If you allow the enemy to make you a crawler you will be defeated.” Below are his opening prayer points.
1. Every satanic stronghold in my life I cast you down
2. Any power attacking my blood die in Jesus name
3. The instrument of death fashioned against me fail in Jesus name
4. The teeth of the wicked cast against my life break in Jesus name
5. I have no choice but to overcome in Jesus name
6.Every power threatening my life I command you to die in Jesus name
7. My lost glory return by fire
8. Anything planted in my body by the powers of darkness I command you to come out
9. Any power that has paralyzed me and made me to sit on the floor I command you to die
10. O Lord show me who I am in Jesus name
Before anyone can be positioned for arising and shining, there are 3 things he must wrestle with and they are  evil domination, the spirit of rejection and the spirit of Ahab (enemies of your possession).

What is evil domination?

  • Evil domination is when someone who should be on top is now below
  • Evil domination is when what you are supposed to be controlling is now controlling you
  • Evil domination is when servants are riding on horses and princes are now walking
  • Evil domination is when the righteous are demoted and the unrighteous are lifted
  • Evil domination is when the fake is being preferred to the original
  • Evil domination is when flesh is gaining ground in your life above the spirit
  • Evil domination always brings disgrace
    To arise means you must reject evil domination. The power to arise lies in every child of  God. The power of God inside every child of God is called creative power. This power can create and must not be allowed to lie dormant. Every child of God is created to create something.

What is the spirit of rejection?
It is the spirit that makes a person to be unwanted, to be disfavored and to be disregarded. If you suffer from this spirit, it will be very difficult to fulfill your destiny because it chases away friends and helpers. To be positioned for arising and shining requires you to have a good spirit inside you that attracts and welcomes others.

What is the spirit of Ahab?

  • They are the enemies of your possession
  • They are enemies with the backing of a principality
  • They are enemies that take delight in shedding blood
  • They are enemies that speak with boldness and pride
  • It represents brain bewitchment that blinds a person to his real self/identity

How to Arise, come back to your senses and Shine

  • Be  a friend of God
  • Talk to yourself – declare that enough is enough,I must not remain in this level/condition, I will not struggle but achieve, I must possess my possessions
  • Be diligent and determine not to do things carelessly
  • Hate your present position – determine that where you are now is not your final bus stop, believe God can still do more
  • Break the bondage holding you back – lying, sex, food, fashion
  • Declare war against sin
  • Pray yourself into position

Prayers for Positioning and Shining

  • O Lord pick me from the ground and set me on the mountain top
  • I am ready to arise and shine. I will arise and shine in Jesus name
  • I reject satanic bus stop by fire in Jesus name
  • Where is the Lord God of Elijah. Arise, defeat my delay
  • My glory will not whither, my prosperity will not vanish in Jesus name
  • The bewitchment of my brain affecting my sound mind break away by fire
  • O Lord crown my efforts with wonder
  • Every Ahab within and around me be disgraced in Jesus name
  • Every contrary power dominating my life scatter in Jesus name
  • The rejection in my root die in Jesus name
  • The spirit of rejection upon me be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

Watch the December Power Must Change Hands Programme live from London  at the Zonal Headquarters of Zone 4 in Region 2 of MFM UK (Milton Keynes Branch) from 9am to 12 noon. Alternatively, watch the event live at one of the designated venues of MFM UK.


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  1. Thank God for this prayer point and i fire the prayer and something work know kepp on sending me prayer point pls and God bless you all

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