5 Things a Husband can do to have a Happy Wife and a Happy Life

Here we are again, taking a look at relationships.

In my previous blog entry on marriage which is titled “5 Things a wife can do to achieve intimacy with her husband“, I spoke to the married brothers in church and they not only spoke their mind, they made it plain and clear what is necessary and unnecessary.

This month after speaking to 5 married sisters in church, I present the 5 Things a husband can do to have a happy wife and in the process lead  a happy life. Enjoy!

1. Be generous with your money: We are not saying you are mean or stingy, but we would appreciate it if you are veeeeerrrryyyyy generous with your money and lavish or shall we say pamper us with. Having said this, we realise the money you make is hard to come by and it goes along way on bills, rent, mortgage etc but we would love to receive some of it in cash or gifts. The stress of everyday life and meeting responsibilities sometimes make husbands to forget or neglect this aspect which to we women is an evidence of your affection, kindness, care and tenderness.

2. Lend a helping hand around the house: Just because women can multi task does not mean we should be left alone to shoulder all the domestic responsibilities. Giving us a helping hand around the house with chores, shopping and children will go a long way in reducing our stress levels. And if for some reason you can’t give us a hand, assist us in getting a helper by paying for it.

3. Be present and not absent: With the way work, church and domestic commitments are taking up so much of your time, we are starting to feel single again. It would be nice if out of your very busy schedule you could prioritise and make us number 1 on the list. Many husbands are guilty of this and it is a bad habit that has to be corrected most especially as the home must be built by the father and the mother and God places value on  families. God’s family in heaven is well attended to likewise his family here on earth.

4.  Be a friend: In a world where it’s getting difficult to discern exactly who is who, you need to be a friend and make us your best friend. We know men find it difficult to understand women most times but, as your helpmate you need to shed your inhibitions, draw close, form a friendship and become best friends. What exactly did you think the bible meant when it said and the 2 shall become 1?

5. Loving leadership brings willing submission: We may have our own opinion, be set in our own ways which you wrongly define as stubbornness or being difficult, but we would like you to know that yes,  we are aware the bible asks us to submit to you. There is really no need to keep repeating this. It’s a verse in the bible and not a statement of justification to bring up at each argument or misunderstanding. Willing submission is not achieved with force, but with loving leadership.

Become The man of our dreams: Fairy tales aren’t true, Prince Charming doesn’t exist and  Sleeping Beauty woke up but there is  a man in the bible we would like you to be like. His name is Boaz. He was all these 5 things to Ruth and so much more. If every man wants a virtuous woman, we virtuous women want a Boaz.

To the married brothers in church, I can only say it’s time to step up!

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7 thoughts on “5 Things a Husband can do to have a Happy Wife and a Happy Life

  1. A very nice piece. In addition our men should always to put in a kind word now and then.” Thank you, this is nice, this food is tasty, oh,d house is so tidy” words like these can make a whole lot of difference. God bless our men!!

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