Activate the Lord’s Promise with the Power of Prophecy.

What is Prophecy?
Revelation 19:10 tells us “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  One of the powerful testimonies of Jesus about himself is found in Matthew 28:18 which says “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

  • The word coming from the mouth of God unto a person
  • God making his way and his will known
  • God making known the mystery of his will
  • When you connect with prophecy, you will operate in the centre of God’s will
  • It is to speak forth into the future
  • It is to go into the future and create things there
  • It is making the supernatural to subdue the natural
  • Tells how the future of a thing will be
  • Calling those things that be not as if they are
  • You don’t think prophecy, you speak it out
  • It makes you to be a wonder
  • It is not a sound, it is a word charged with fire
  • When you confront a problem with the spirit of prophecy, you are calling upon all the power of Jesus Christ
  • It is a weapon of defence
  • When activated, the unusual will happen
  • It is a weapon of attack
  • Prophecy is not man’s but God’s idea
  • It deals with the future and not the past
  • Every child of God is given the right to prophecy

A powerful weapon for undeniable breakthrough when used effectively is prophecy.  From Prophet Ezekiel’s encounter with the spirit of God in Ezekiel chapter 37, we  discover that when God wants to do the unusual he firsts asks men a question. For example, he asked Ezekiel “Son of man, can these bones live?” God already knows the answer to the question, but he asked so he could demonstrate his power and glory.

Witchcraft versus the Prophetic Anointing
The bible mentions in the last days there will be perilous times. Perilous means dangerously dangerous and one of the things that will make the last days perilous is witchcraft. Jezebel according to Revelations 17 is the mistress of witchcraft. In the last days, it appears witchcraft activities have taken over most things such that witchcraft activities can now be seen in the open.

The 3 agendas of witchcraft

  • To change and turn people’s mind so they will not have the sound mind of Christ
  • To alter the destiny of men
  • To bring death

Witchcraft can not withstand the prophetic anointing. Prophecy is therefore a weapon to confront and destroy the Jezebel spirit. Prophecy kills the power of witchcraft. This is why in 2 Kings 9: 6-10  Jehu  was anointed and clearly instructed to strike the house of Ahab which would result in the death of Jezebell and her body would be devoured by dogs.

How to use the weapon of Prophecy

  • Be a child of God. Be born again. Enemies of God do not prophecy, they only make noise
  • Your mouth must be crucified
  • Be addicted to the word of God
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Open your mouth wide and pray aloud
  • It must be as you have been commanded. Not as you are feeling or according to your emotions. Do not be scared or fearful. Prophecy must be by divine instruction
  • Have strong faith in your pronouncements

Adapted from the message preached by The Assistant General Overseer of MFM (AGO Missions) Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan at the January 2012 Power Must Change Hands Programme of MFM UK. Please click below to discover more about the operations of the Jezebel Witchcraft Spirit.

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