Connecting to the helpers of your destiny

A rather significant story is recorded in 1 Samuel 10:1-2.  Saul went in search of Prophet Samuel because of  the loss of his fathers donkey. After Samuel anointed Saul, the higher anointing restored his loss and he said to Saul “When you leave me today, you will meet two men near Rachel’s tomb, at Zelzah on the border of Benjamin. They will say to you, ‘The donkeys you set out to look for have been found.” By divine arrangement, after leaving the presence of the Prophet, two strangers were strategically positioned to give Saul good news.

Some facts about life

  • Life is about God linking you up with your destiny helpers.
  • In life there are 2 kinds of people you will ever meet. Destiny helpers and destiny killers.
  • When God links you up with your destiny helpers your tears will be converted to joy, your torment to peace, your labour to favour, your pain to gain and your Goliath becomes your stepping stone to the place of celebration.
  • A great prayer to pray daily is, O Lord make me invisible to all my destiny killers  and make me visible to all my destiny helpers.
  • Destiny killers are those who always wonder can anything good come out of this life? they say this with their mouth, their attitude and their actions.
  • Destiny killers always see the negative side of you and are always out to discourage your efforts.
  • No man can by himself fulfill his destiny. Everyone needs a destiny helper.
  • Jesus did not walk alone. He had 12 helpers who promoted his destiny.

Who is your destiny helper?

  • When you meet them, your life will move from zero to hero.
  • They are agents of change, agents of transformation, agents of elevation, agents of enlargement, agents of promotion and agents of uncommon breakthrough.
  • God will not physically come down and help you. He will send people to you so be alert to discern their presence.
  • Your destiny helpers are strategically positioned to help you arrive at your expected end.

3 Things that can happen to your destiny helpers

  • They may not show up at all.
  • They can be missed.
  • They can be killed.
  • Witchcraft powers can make sure they are wrongly positioned so they never get to you.

Destiny Connecting Prayers

  • Power of God hook me to my destiny helpers in Jesus name.
  • Lord Jesus hook my destiny helpers to my destiny in Jesus name.
  • The person that doesn’t know me, begin to fight my cause in Jesus name.
  • Blood of Jesus link me up with my helpers in Jesus name.
  • O Lord work things out in my favour in Jesus name.
  • Thou power of the serpent saying no to my manifestation die in Jesus name.
  • Every witchcraft gathering assigned against my good news scatter in Jesus name.
  • My stolen crown be returned and be restored by fire in Jesus name.
  • The agenda of the enemy to disgrace me be converted to promotion in Jesus name.
  • O Lord arise and link me up with my destiny helpers in Jesus name.
  • If I be  a child of God let my helpers locate me in Jesus name.
  • My manifestation can not be stopped. I decree that my star shall shine, my voice will be heard, my enemies shall bow, I shall dance, I shall sing, I shall move forward and I shall break through in Jesus name.

Adapted from the message delivered by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O Missions) at the February 2012 Power Must Change  Hands Programme of MFM UK. In February, may you find what you have been looking for, may strangers bring good news to you and in this leap month may you receive the power to leap and land in the place prepared for you in Jesus name. Watch the March 2012 Power Must Change Hands Programme live from MFM Milton Keynes branch. God Bless.


72 thoughts on “Connecting to the helpers of your destiny

  1. This is very loaded and timely. Our helper shall not die in Jesus name Amen. Every blessing of ours that have being hidden in the sun, moon and in the star shall locate us by fire.

    • Hello Dennis,
      Always remember our great high priest is aware of our struggles and is more than able to help. Please pray this prayer: The God that does wonders, visit my life in Jesus name.

  2. Pray 4me poverty n stagnation has eating ova my family line pray 4me i losin hope in God, Am belivin God for a job an divine upliftment after this prayer points. Tank u 4 dis site07060936070

  3. I am glad to locate this platform. pastor please pray for me to function effectively in the house of God. all my plans to work for the lord is not just working out. my business is not doing fine, i dont even know were to worship anymore. the book am writing has been on hold since due to poverty in my family. please pray for me.

  4. My contact with this site is not by accident but a divine connection and I’m richly blessed. I attended a prog. tagged “Men of Valour” on the 30/11/2013 at the Prayer City and I was expecting GO for the afternoon session when a pastor came to stand for him. Just within 5 min into the programme I knew the difference between man of man and man of God.
    Immediately after the prog. I inquired from one of the ushers who told me that his name is pastor Kehinde but no further contact address. My further search through the internet led me to this site. I’ll appreciate a confirmation if that pastor Kehinde is same as pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan, AGO Mission & Evangelism MFM.
    At the tail end of the programme, he revealed the prophesy of God to the congregation and said authoritatively that within 7 days they shall come to pass.
    Wonderful! I got the first sign through a phone call few min. after the prog. The big one came exactly within one week (as the man of God – Pastor Kehinde predicted with divine inspiration)
    Now, I have been invited for the final interview. Please sir join me in prayer that I will be given the appointment and thereafter I will use the testimony of this ground breaking miracle to win souls for Christ.

  5. I pray that our Destiny helpers that have been wrongly position will wake up suddenly from their slumber in Jesus name. And every storm that keep harrassing and tormenting our divine helpers,in the name of Jesus I command them to Be Still IJN……..Amen

  6. Wow very lovely. Hw can I get away from frustration life am living.I pray from time to time but even tired now bcos all my effort goes in vain.

  7. Dear daddies, pls i am facing big challenges of life i need d prayer support of ur ministry 4 financial break2rue tnx

  8. thanks alot for this teachings it has touched my hrt en given me more courage to pray because I had lost hope in God after following what every servant off God tells me to and I do it like fasting, planting seed inform of money but u find my situations are worsening every hour tears flow each time I recall my past and who I am now. pliz brothers and sisters pray for me because da load am carrying and going through is too much that can easily damage my life. l am a Ugandan 22yrs need your prayers. God bless u all.telephone number is +256785753392

  9. Daddy May God Strenthin U IJN,daddy Pray For Me,my Problems Is 2 Much,am A Mother Of 3 Lovely Kids,no Shalter For Them 2 Sleep No Food No School,daddy I Need Ur Help Pls Daddy,pls Help Me,so That My Kids Will Not Suffer Again,

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