What Christians must know about the problems of life

At one point or the other, every child of God will encounter what is called the problems of life. Before this period comes, it is necessary to acquire relevant information about the problems of life.

Some facts about the problems of life

1. Every problem has an agenda. This is usually to kill, to steal or to destroy.

2. Every problem has a power base. This is either a spirit, an idol or a strongman.

3. When a problem keeps occurring, you must perform a self analysis.

4. Some problems are sponsored by God himself as in the case of Jonah (Jonah 1-4).

5. Your problem can actually become your promotion just like Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10).

6. Behind every problem is a secret and the enemy does not want you to know that secret.

7. Some problems are sponsored by witchcraft powers and its agenda is to waste and destroy.

8. There is no problem without a solution.

9.  Every problem has a solution, and Jesus is the solution.

How to discover the secret behind your problem

Even though the reason why problems occur may be a mystery to the one with the problem, it is never a mystery to the almighty God. Below are seven ways to know the secret of a problem.

1. By revelation received from prayers of enquiry.

2. Through information derived from research into the origin and pattern of the problem.

3. From the anointing and power of prophecy.

4. Through the preaching of the word.

5.  By the ministration of deliverance.

6. Through aggressive praise and worship.

7. By personal and corporate prayer.


1. The angel of my solution, appear to me in Jesus name

2. The secret that will enlarge my coast, be revealed unto me in Jesus name

3. The problems of my life, become my promotion in Jesus name

4. The problem that wants to take away my smile, expire in Jesus name

5. Every problem assigned to disorganise my destiny, die in Jesus name

6. Problem expanders assigned against me, die in Jesus name

7. The problem of my parents that is now showing up in my life, be erased By the blood of Jesus

8. My head, reject the load of problems in Jesus name

9. I decree that I shall not surrender; it is my problems that shall surrender in Jesus name

10. Anywhere my name is mentioned for trouble, the thunder of God will answer in Jesus name

11. O God arise, and give me a living testimony in Jesus name

Adapted from the message delivered by the Assistant General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide; Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O Missions) at the May 2012 Power Must Change Hands Programme of MFM UK. Watch the June 2012 Power Must Change Hands Programme live from London at MFM Milton Keynes branch on Saturday, the third of June 2012 at 9am.


7 thoughts on “What Christians must know about the problems of life

  1. That was a powerful sermon. We shall kn the truth n the truth shall make us free. Thank u lord for ur word.

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