Arresting the Arrester

Texts for reference:  2 Kings 2:11, Mark 4: 35 to the end, 2 Timothy 3:1

When a person is arrested, three things take place. He loses his freedom, his plans will be cut off and he comes under the dominion of others.

In the spiritual realm, there are powers, spirits and personalities who specialize in arresting unguarded Christians. When spiritual arrests take place, there will be strange manifestations in the physical realm.

For Christians who believe in and practice spiritual warfare, below are 30 forces they must have victory over.

  1. Negative thinking.
  2. Mind blockage.
  3. Spirit of the world.
  4. Anointing of the tail that brings backwardness.
  5. Curse of the vagabond that leads to aimlessness.
  6. Spirit of blindness which prevents discernment and heavenly visions.
  7. Satanic caterers who feed their victims in the dream.
  8. Destiny haters who oppose breakthroughs and progress.
  9. Poverty activators.
  10. Tragedy activators.
  11. Marriage killers.
  12. Dream manipulators.
  13. Arrows fired into the head which introduces insanity.
  14. Ancestral powers.
  15. Night hunters who go after the souls of men.
  16. The spirit of Delilah.
  17. Witchcraft Spirits.
  18. Strange children that introduce chaos and confusion into homes.
  19. Name catchers who invoke the names of people for destructive purposes.
  20. Environmental strong man that controls towns, cities, communities etc.
  21. Marine powers.
  22. Spirit of sodomy.
  23. Demon of anger.
  24. Palm and star readers.
  25. Pursuing serpents.
  26. Spirit of religion that blinds a person to the truth of the gospel.
  27. Modern day witch doctors.
  28. Satanic priests and evil altars.
  29. Coffin spirits that bring death
  30. Evil birds on evil altars which are dark instruments on satanic errands.

How to Arrest the Arrester

The ultimate agenda of arresters is to take children of God to the final prison house which is hell fire.

In life, if you don’t exercise spiritual power and authority, you will end up being a victim.

  1. Be in the camp of Christ, for he that believes not the son is condemned already.
  2. Get rid of fear. Never be afraid and never descend to the level of being afraid of the enemy.
  3. Arise from spiritual slumber, laziness and lukewarmness.
  4. Learn how to pray the prayer of binding and loosing.
  5. Speak and release the victorious power of God into the camp of arresters such as blindness, over running floods, thunder, lightning, hail, brim stones etc.

Warfare Prayers to Pray

  1. Every power from my place of birth arresting my star, die in Jesus name.
  2. Arresting power of my father and mother’s house, die in Jesus name.
  3. Every good thing that has been arrested in my life, be released in Jesus name.
  4. Satanic plantations in my body, come out in Jesus name.
  5. The chain manufactured to hold my hands and my legs, break in Jesus name.
  6. Thou arrester of my head, die in Jesus name.
  7. I move in the fire of God to destroy my arresters in Jesus name.
  8. I receive the fire of God to destroy my arresters in Jesus name.
  9. I throw fire into the camp of my arresters in Jesus name.
  10. Dark powers from the waters, release my virtues in Jesus name.
  11. Satanic champions assigned against my life, die in Jesus name.
  12. The Almighty God, take over my battles in Jesus name.
  13. Satanic armies sent to arrest me, scatter in Jesus name.
  14. Arresters, I arrest you by the power of Jesus Christ.
  15. The evil agenda to drag my name on the floor, fail in Jesus name.

Adapted from the message preached by the Assistant General Overseer (A.G.O. Missions), Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan at the October Power Must Change Hands Programme of MFM UK.


15 thoughts on “Arresting the Arrester

  1. The arresters of my fathers house, my mothers house n my inlaws house. I arrest u wit a chain of fire n thorns, DIE!!! in JESUS NAME. It is written JESUS hs set me free! I cn never be bound! Amen

  2. Thank u holy spirit 4 revealing this well packaged site to me. I pray that u do the same to others in need… father, bless all that blessd us wit this site . Amen

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