Arise! O Captive Daughter of Zion – 2013 Women’s Deliverance Programme of MFM UK

“Shake, Rise, Sit, Be loosed. Are the 4 significant things that will happen here today.”

These were the opening statements of Dr. D.K Olukoya, General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide to the women who attended the 2013 MFM UK Women’s Deliverance Programme.

Quoting Isaiah 52:2 which says, “Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.”

He highlighted the 4 spiritual instructions to the captive daughters of Zion gathered, according to God’s holy word were shake, rise, sit and be loosed.

Explaining further, he spiritually analysed the four categories of battle every woman must fight. They are:

  1. SHAKE: Emotional Warfare
  2. ARISE: Demotional Warfare
  3. SIT: Battle of Disgrace
  4. Loose Thyself: Demonic Affliction

Assuring the women gathered that the Lord was on their side and victory was certain, he released 10 promises concerning what would happen at the gathering.

  1. Those who hate you will be forced to attend your thanksgiving.
  2. Vampires assigned against you shall eat their flesh and drink their blood.
  3. Every mocker around you shall witness your celebration.
  4. Your best period shall come.
  5. Every pit assigned to swallow your benefit shall dry up.
  6. Every sickness assigned to terminate your glory shall be terminated.
  7. Every monster (career monster, financial monster etc.) that has swallowed your virtues shall vomit them.
  8. The strongman assigned to demote you shall be disgraced.
  9. Your breakthrough this year shall surpass all other breakthroughs.
  10. Any pit dug for you by the enemy shall receive the digger.

Empathising with the challenges facing many women, he asked several pertinent questions which left the congregation  in deep thought.

What do you do?

  • When those who mock you are more than those who want to help you?
  • When your friends are few, and the few you have are fighting amongst themselves?
  • When the enemy has issued a death sentence against you?
  • When the doctor says, “sorry, but there is nothing I can do”
  • When like Paul, a viper has fastened itself to you and is swallowing all that you have?
  • When you are being asked, where is your God?
  • When you are at your wits end?

With the congregation in deep concentration, he used that as an opportunity to remind the women why they were gathered.

The endless list includes to fight against evil marks, poverty, evil marriages, evil covenants, spiritual parents, household enemies, foundational powers, loneliness, anti- marriage spirits, Jezebel spirits, rejection and depression, bad health, polluted children, womb problems etc.

To successfully wage war against these numerous challenges, he issued 7 statements to assist the women in spiritual warfare.

  1. Until you hate God’s enemies with perfect hatred, you will never get rid of them. Live a holy life.
  2. Life is not fair so put an end to the pity party. Life does not give anyone what they deserve. You must fight for it.
  3. When you lack spiritual information, you are an accident waiting to happen.
  4. The best defence is offence. What you do not destroy may come back to destroy you.
  5. You have to go above the level of your problem to solve it. Learn to connect to God who is “far above” your problems.
  6. If you want to win anything, a little bit of insanity is necessary. It’s called Holy Madness.
  7. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Your mouth is the instrument of your Holy cry.

O! God Arise

All a woman needs is for God to arise in her situation. When the path of a woman crosses with Jesus Christ, all her challenges stop. She suddenly discovers that favour begins to bombard her, and those who think she is finished will all of a sudden witness her celebration.
When God arises in a woman’s situation, her enemies will be in trouble and the rage of Satan in her life will cease.

A Real Life Example

There was once a woman who had 4 sons who were all insane. It was a personal challenge that went on for 17 years. One day, she was invited to a programme by MFM and asked to come along with water. After the water was prayed over, she gave it to one of the sons and miraculously, he calmed down and asked for more. After drinking the whole bottle, his eyes cleared and asked his mother “what am I doing in this place?” “Why am I in chains?” This encouraged the mother to give the water to the other 3 sons and, she got the same miraculous result. A problem that has lasted 17 years was solved in one day, within 20 minutes simply because God arose.

Are you ready for your miracle? Simply PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more until your change comes.

Prayers to make God Arise!

  • I receive uncommon progress in Jesus name.
  • The witchcraft horn scattering my efforts, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  • Ancient gates blocking my joy, die in Jesus name.
  • Powers planted in my childhood to trouble my future, die in Jesus name.
  • Powers that defeated my parents, you cannot defeat me in Jesus name.
  • Any problem in my life caused by using my hair as a baby, die in Jesus name.
  • I wipe my face with the blood of Jesus. As I do so, I wear a new look in Jesus name.
  • O! God! Arise in my situation in Jesus name
  • Any power that has swallowed my joy, die in Jesus name.
  • Every hopeless situation starring me in the face shall expire in Jesus name.
  • The wind of the Holy Ghost, blow over my life in Jesus name.

See you in May 2014 at the next Women’s Deliverance Programme of MFM UK. God Bless and thank you for attending.


17 thoughts on “Arise! O Captive Daughter of Zion – 2013 Women’s Deliverance Programme of MFM UK

  1. U ‘re really doing great job with the several notifications u post to your readers and members of d public. D Lord will strengthen u d more. In Jesus name. Thanks.

  2. Dear Ma / Sir,

    Could you please permit me to reproduce this on our MFM Aberdeen website.

    I am the web admin and a Minister in the Church. If this is possible or how I can get your RSS feed onto the website

    Thanks and best regards

    Joseph Modupe-Joseph

    • Please do. G.O’s messages are to bless and enlighten everyone. Subscribe to our RSS feeds via the top right hand corner of the home page or simply follow the blog via your email address. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this powerful deliverance message. I would love to listen to this message more often, can I get this message on audio or video?
    God bless you

  4. I thank GOD for giving us a pastor like DR D K olukoya,I’m a south african,since I come across the book he has written Woman thou art loosed,I have known about a spiritual n I grow up in a church but I didn’t knew JESUS n GOD my creator n their ability,now I know all the devil’s stricks,I want all his ware fare kit,n I don’t know how much can it cost me as I don’t know how to translate dollars to rands n Naira to rand, THAnk u vetry much who has allowed dr d k to be found even in our country spiritually by his books n website May GOD richly bless him more n more

  5. Wow.. This was a confirmation of what God was speaking to my Spirit this morning.. Blessing to you in the mighty name of Jesus

  6. thank God for having u in dis generation this message is powerful n impacful.I would like this kind of program can be arrange.for men n families in our lo am assemblies. more anointing sir

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