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Connecting to the helpers of your destiny

A rather significant story is recorded in 1 Samuel 10:1-2.  Saul went in search of Prophet Samuel because of  the loss of his fathers donkey. After Samuel anointed Saul, the higher anointing restored his loss and he said to Saul “When you leave me today, you will meet two men near Rachel’s tomb, at Zelzah on the border … Continue reading

It’s Raining. Here comes September’s Showers of Joy

September showers are here going by this month’s Power Must Change Hands Programme. Supporting the Assistant General Overseer to minister were Regional Overseers from the different regions in the UK and together they led the congregation into a rain of prayers, prophecy, bible passages and scripture. Here is an adaptation of the three and a … Continue reading

The Mystery of Opportunity: Esau sold his birthright while Joseph ruled over the palace that once imprisoned him

Talking About Esau Just because of his indifference to the requirements of divine blessings,  Esau is called in Scripture “a profane person.” He represents those who lightly value the redemption purchased for them by Christ, and are ready to sacrifice their heirship to heaven for the perishable things of earth. Multitudes live for the present, … Continue reading

Unveiled: The Woman that God wants

The power of female networking It’s always a good feeling when women get together for the right purpose. Carnal gatherings to backbite and gossip are one of the major things keeping women down, tearing them apart and preventing them from being fulfilled. At the first quarterly women’s fellowship it was a spiritual gathering to edify, to … Continue reading