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Refusing to follow in the wrong footsteps of your parents

Revelations 12:7 is a scripture that lets us understand the origin of fighting. Fighting started from heaven, and interestingly after the fight, peace was established. These were the opening words of Dr D.K Olukoya at the 2012 Great Deliverance and Anointing Service of MFM UK. At present, there is war everywhere even in homes, nations, churches etc … Continue reading

When the souls of men become commodities for sale

While listening to Dr D.K Olukoya the General Overseer of MFM Worldwide speaking forth the mystery of the gospel at the 2011 Annual Anointing  Service organised by MFM UK, here is an adaptation of the message he delivered titled The Strange Merchants, The Strange Markets and The Strange Commodity. Rev 18: 11 says “The merchants of the earth will … Continue reading