Are you ready for heaven?

Inspired by a drama presentation from Christian youths of MFM Milton Keynes branch, this dialogue which takes place at the gate of heaven is between God and a departed soul. It asks the pertinent questions, are you doing what God has asked you to do, and will you make heaven?

The Father: Do I know you?

Departed Soul:  Father, it’s me your son. You created me out of dust.

The Father: Is that so?

Departed Soul: Yes, I am an active church goer, I am never missing at church programmes, I have all sorts of badges to show the departments I belong to in church.

The Father: Do you wear a badge to tell everybody you are a Christian?

Departed Soul:  I’m confused. With all my works is it not obvious that I am a Christian?

The Father: Lucifer is in the church every day. He was the leader of my heavenly choir. He gives money so people can go against my name. He knows the whole bible from back to front. He does not sleep, nor does he wear a badge for me to know who he is. So if we go by your justifications about yourself, he is more than qualified to make heaven.

Departed Soul: Father, I am yours. I am a Christian.

The Father: Does everybody know you are a Christian by the way you are living or does everybody think you are a Christian because you are acting? Church without applying what you’ve learned is worthless.

Departed Soul: But Lord, every Christmas and Easter, I spend lots of money, buy huge presents and sometimes I get nothing in return.

The Father: I said go forth into the world and spread the gospel, not presents. I called you to be my disciple, not Santa Claus. The time you spent on worldly gains, you could have spent it with me.

The Father: Have I ever spoken to you before?

Departed Soul: Yes Father, in your word, the bible.

The Father:  Have you ever heard my voice? I said I will put my spirit within you so you could do the works I did. But you took my grace for granted and were not a true disciple. The last time I checked, your name was absent in the book of like.

Departed Soul: Father please, check again. I don’t deserve to go to hell. Have mercy on me.

The Father: You had the Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and Teachers to learn from. You had the time to repent but you never did. Unfortunately, this is the end. Depart from me, for I never knew you.

It is our hope that in this end times, you will make heaven in Jesus name.


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